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Los Angeles’ Arts District has long been the home of many artists of all disciplines, which is why at AMP Lofts, creativity is at the heart of the community. The neighborhood continues to be a source of inspiration for prominent artists, including local visual artist, Anyes Galleani. AMP Lofts collaborated with Anyes to showcase the city in a unique way: edgy pop art with a street art vibe. This collaboration features Anyes’ LA Skyline with Bridge and Clouds on the AMP Lofts building to celebrate the Arts District’s history of art and culture, while inviting residents to enter a space of creativity and discovery.

About Anyes

Anyes Galleani is a visual artist who uses photo montage and collage to create images and mixed media art exploring pop culture. A former fashion photographer and video director, Anyes, who was born and raised in Italy, has worked in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles since the 90s, using the streets as backdrops for her photographs and videos. Over the years, she has observed a multitude of street art come and go, becoming particularly fascinated by weathered posters. In 2011, as she was searching for a more unique method than traditional prints to bring her digital images into the real world, Anyes began using mixed media to recreate the look of weathered posters in her art. She has since been transforming dozens of images into one-of-a-kind original artwork, receiving a welcomed response from galleries, collectors, and corporate buyers.

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Come See For Yourself

AMP Lofts welcomes you to experience Anyes' LA Skyline Bridge and Clouds in person at the Leasing Office located at 695 S Santa Fe Avenue. Immerse yourself in a community that revels in art, culture, and diversity. Envision an inspired lifestyle in your future home at AMP Lofts.

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